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Lane One Foundation is actively searching for innovative ideas, inspirational projects, and enthusiastic leaders. We strive to find impactful projects driven by individuals who are prepared to lead by action and to create a brighter future for the community. Progress is only made when dedicated individuals have a clear goal and vision, then take the necessary actions to see results. Let’s work together toward a better tomorrow.


Lane One Foundation projects - image of Chesterton, Indiana

Town of Chesterton Community Cleanup

As active members of our local community, we partnered with a business owner in the Town of Chesterton to fund the cleanup of downtown graffiti. In addition, when the town sign was vandalized, we offered a monetary reward for the identification of the vandal responsible. We believe in creating a cohesive, splendid community in which all members feels welcome and comfortable. We plan to continue to work with the town as more needs arise.

Chesterton High School Involvement

In addition to projects around the region, we also believe in making a difference on a smaller scale. We strive to support our local community in a variety of ways, which is why we made a monetary contribution to the Chesterton High School Hall of Fame and donated 150 t-shirts to the football team. A healthy community comes from support and love for every member of the area, from the youngest to the oldest!

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